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Eastern Bluebird WebCam

I’d like to invite you to share in the adventures of a pair of Eastern Bluebirds as they raise their family in a nest box in Lumberton – see the following posts.

Inside the nest box is a miniature low-light video camera.   There are also highly sensitive microphones inside the nest box to record rarely heard sounds.   Below I have a  “Bluebird Video Highlights”  reel, where you can click on videos to see a summary of the day’s events.

You can also view real-time video, showing their movements as they happen.   Click on and then click on the Nesting Bluebird WebCam on the left hand side of the home page.

Rest assured that all the pictures and sounds that you will experience are being obtained through “bluebird friendly” methods.

Happy viewing


July 21, 2009 Posted by | Bluebird Video Highlights, Bluebirds | , | 7 Comments