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Eastern Bluebird Photo Workshop

For anyone who has ever wanted to photograph blue birds up-close and personal, here’s your chance to experience and take pictures of these amazing songbirds during courtship and while they raise their chicks.

In a controlled setting, photographers are offered predicable views of wild bluebirds landing, perching, and flying within a suitable photographic range.

The logistics of setting up user-friendly, stand-up blinds, and prearranged photo props have been created to assure maximum shooting opportunities during the bluebirds breakfast rush.

In addition, a miniature low-light video camera with a highly sensitive microphone is mounted inside their nearby nest box.  With real time video, this is a opportunity to witness the rarely recorded movements and sounds of these songbirds as they raise their family.   Please check out last year’s bluebird video highlights on my blog – see below.

After the bluebird’s breakfast is over, participants are invited to photograph the flowers and butterflies in the bluebird wildflower meadow.  Time allowing, students will have the opportunity to view their morning results and critiqued on a computer monitor.

This daily workshop is a one on one experience with your instructor, with personal attention paid to the student’s particular skill level and interests.

Because the bluebird’s courtship rituals and nesting cycle are weather dependent, the workshop dates will be flexible.  Every effort will be made to ensure reservations are kept.  In the event of a rain date, participants will select the next available opening.

Dates:              Bluebird Courtship          April 16 – 27

Bluebird Nesting Cycle   May 19 – 30

Time: 6:30am to 11:30am

Experience: Basic understanding of camera functions.

Suggested Equipment:  Tripod, any type of camera, any standard lens from 16 to 100mm, a macro lens, and a medium telephoto lens – in the 100 to 400mm range.

Class Size: 1

Cost: $140.00

Location:  Lumberton, New Jersey

Registration is on a first come first serve basis.  Please email your requested date to

Providing availability, you will be sent a confirmation via email.  If your desired date is taken, then you will be notified, describing the available dates remaining.


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